Disruptive Voices of Pacific Men

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"To be silent in the face of evil is more evil than the evil itself."  - Dietrich Bonhoffer

There is a lot of awareness around the abuse of women, it is an epidemic.   Although not as prevalent, but still very damaging is the abuse of men.  This book uncovers a topic that is hardly ever addressed.  Men are abused, sadly the majority of their abusers are also men.   This book shines a light on the darkness that men are enduring generally from a young age.  The Pacific Islands will never heal unless we come to terms with the “cancer” of abuse that is destroying society.

Due to the courage of each man in this book to tell his story, silence is being disrupted, shame is being lifted and religion is being broken.  This book brings to the surface a lot of the unspoken reality that remains hidden.   Change will never happen unless we first understand the problem, and then move forward with solutions.  May this book be part of the solution.

Book dimensions: 5" x 7"