About Us

City Women is about making our city a better place for women and girls. It's about building unity amongst women from different Christian denominations who are called to action and responsibility to bring about positive change and outcomes for their community.


Many are called to work as an unified army across the city for the betterment of the city. City Women is about mobilising women from different denominations as well as engaging businesses and other community groups to work collaboratively in meeting the real needs of the city, particularly women and girls.


City Women endeavours to educate about issues, trends and social injustices, acting as an umbrella for current existing community initiatives as well as being a launching pad for new initiatives building positive solution for real needs.


City Women is a catalyst for positive change. It is committed to and relentless about seeing change not only for the individual but also for the well-being of the whole community. By actively meeting the real needs and empowering the individual, we achieve a domino effect of shaping the next generation.


All money raised from sales goes toward various City Women initatives.