Disruptive Voices of Fijian Women

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"To be silent in the face of evil is more evil than the evil itself."  - Dietrich Bonhoffer

Evil exists in all our communities and Fiji is not exempt. Amid the beautiful tropical islands, there is a dark underbelly of abuse, violence, rape, and incest that continues to breed in silence. Fiji has created a “taboo” culture where these issues are not freely acknowledged, spoken about, and dealt with, but rather swept under the mat to not bring shame to the community.

 Due to the courage of ten women, this book disrupts the silence. Many of these women have spoken up and shared their story for the first time. This book is not easy to read, but it is essential in understanding the suffering that goes on. It is time to speak up and respond with hearts of compassion and justice to bring an end to the violence and abuse of women in Fiji.

Book dimensions: 5" x 7"