bella rae magazine

bella rae magazine


Remember Bella magazine? After a twelve month break, Bella is re-launching back into print June 2016 with a look and new name - bella rae - which means beauty and grace.

bella rae is strong, smart, sassy and fun and she is here for young teenage women. We hope you'll like her, and you'll find her to be a trustworthy friend who is not afraid to get real and talk about the hard things. In her pages you'll find a vibrant collection of expert advice, real stories, role models with substance, fashion shoots, travel adventures, recipes and quizzes.

bella rae is an magazine committed to empowering young women band together, speak out & challenge the culture they are in towards a respectful, authentic and beautiful representation of women. It is a fresh approach to media out of the fundamental conviction that no young woman needs the pressure to look sexy to feel beautiful. 

You can subscribe for one year by visiting for only $44 which includes four issues & postage or alternatively purchase individual issues here for only $8 plus postage. Just simply select which you would prefer below & then click add to cart.

bella rae is simply a beautiful publication and the perfect gift for every teen daughter, niece, sister, friend or granddaughter. 

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bella rae magazine bella rae magazine bella rae magazine