eBook - the little handbook of Disruptive Women

eBook - the little handbook of Disruptive Women


Letitia Shelton has released her latest book - the little handbook of Disruptive Women, available as an ebook only. This is a .pdf version of the eBook kindle edition available on amazon.

The word ‘disruptive’ means to cause trouble and therefore to stop something from continuing as usual. This little book features women who have done just that. It is a call to disrupt the status quo. Be inspired by the stories of women in the Bible and how they responded to injustice, oppression and difficult issues of their day, taking risks with huge courage. They were not afraid to go against the flow. There is nothing weak or timid about these women. Their stories are very relevant to us in what we are facing in our communities today. Our cities need more disruptive women!

All sales royalties from this ebook go back into the work of City Women Toowoomba - equipping the women of the future!

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This eBook is the exact pages from Letitia Shelton's eBook Kindle Edition saved in an electronic Adobe PDF file, and it is viewable with any PDF reader. PDF readers are standard software, and we recommend the free Adobe Reader software and app.  For Apple devices we also recommend iBooks. When you purchase this product you will receive a single .pdf file version shortly after your payment is successful. 

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